I have been a Muslim for ten years and for ten years I have apologized for the way Muslims behave. I have covered it up and bottled it in and I am tired. So, after much deliberation I realized that I had two options: apostasy or revolution. And then I remembered the hadith of the Prophet (SWS): “By God! If they were to place the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left hand in order to abandon this mission, I would not do so until it has been well established or I would perish in my attempt to do so.” With that I pulled myself together and started writing.

This is my cathartic journey, a way in which to revolt against the cultural ideologies that have been imposed on me. Now, after a long struggle within myself I am heeding the words of Fauzia Mohammed who asked: “What have you done with your time in this country? Don’t leave a place without really investing yourself where you are.”  This is an extremely powerful statement. How could I ever walk away from the beauty that is Islam? I couldn’t. What I would really be walking away from is the cultural baggage within the Muslim community and the labels imposed on me by Western society. Alhumdulileh, I am a Muslim and I will NEVER give that up but if you insist on pushing me and hurting me don’t think that I won’t go down without a fight. I am here to stand up and be present. I am here to be a positive drop in the ocean of this Ummah

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  • A Cat Named Meow

    Let the writing ease your pain and open up a warmth and patience to be able respond to the challenges faced in person in the most upright way insAllah.

  • Nazmia

    I am so proud of your words and really think that we need to be who we really are. You do your best to make a difference in your community and Allah knows your inner intentions and will reward you for every step you take. You are the role model every woman should admire and most importantly a role model for your 3 daughters who by wanting to be like you can with the help of Allah become very influential as muslim women in the near future. الكاظمين الغيظ والعافين عن الناس في الجنة إنشاء الله
    all we want from this short life journey is to be able to do the things Allah expects of us believing that Paradise and the Heavens , our destination will be worth every step, tear and effort!

    • sabr33n

      Jazaki Nazmia for your amazing words. They really mean a lot to me. I have always seen you as a mentor and someone I could look up to. MashAllah, seeing the women your daughters are inspire me everyday.

  • shallen

    Mashallah sister you have verbalized the pain and confusion which has been residing in my heart since I have converted to Islam and allowed me to begin my healing process! may Allah reward u ameen

  • Nazmia

    Alhamdulilah i am very grateful for what Allah gave me and continues to give.thank you

  • Sung Nephew

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  • Ummi

    I couldn’t agree more with Yusuf Islam(Cat Stevens)’s statement: “Alhamdulillah I got to know Islam then the Muslims”.
    Alhamdulillah all Born Muslims are not like that. But it is a shame that we Muslims are not thriving to be the Best Ambassadors of our deen…

  • FullApkZ

    Hi Im Indonesian Blogger
    Nice to see u

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