merry shirkmas???!!!


0855c050b20a0d719a600823fbbea18e_1282253709For the past week, I have been seeing a lot of offensive comments regarding Christmas by Muslims on various social media sites. One of such said “stay away from the festivals of the enemies of Allah” and another blatantly mocked the holiday and Christians in general. These are just two of the many examples I witnessed. For some reason they have stayed in my memory and it is for this reason I will focus on them to make my point clear. Although I started out on this harangue with the intention to defend Christmas and all of its glory, I came to realize that the root of my anger went deeper than a religious holiday. Not only is the subject of “Christmas is halal versus Christmas is haram” tired and frustrating but we are not making progress.  For those who disagree that Christmas has merely become a secular commercial festival…

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