my thoughts exactly. I was looking for a way to articulate this point tonight, but now I see that I don’t have to because this writer has done it for me. Koodos to you my friend!

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Asalamu aliakum y’all,

It’s that time of year again, the time of year when western Muslims must decide whether we want to be the verbally stingy grinch, sucking the joy out of other people’s holiday fun, or whether we want to be festive good neighbours. I am not sure when the whole trend of ‘happy holidays’ began or who with. I know that there are Jewish folk who have kicked up a fuss at being wished a ‘merry Christmas’ as I’ve witnessed it in the not too distant past, and I surely know that there are Muslims who also make a big hoo-ha out of nothing on this issue. So I feel like I want to share some very opinionated thoughts on the subject, hoping to not offend anyone too much in the process, as it seems we have all become very touchy feely in our aim for political correctness…

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